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Welcome to Flatland.

Flatland, ALife, Genetic Programming, Agents, C#, open source, Farseer

This project was proposed by professor Joseph Roland Kiniry as a student project, and undertaken in 2012 by Anders Høst Kjærgaard as a 3rd year project at the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). The project is inspired by Edwin Abbott Abbott's novella: Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions.

Flatland is open-source software that visualizes the artificial life of the geometrical inhabitants of Flatland. While these have to adhere to some of the rules of their 2d world, the solution offers a simple way to define, execute and evaluate genetic programs that can steer the life of the Flatlanders.

If you are interested in this project feel free to contact the coordinator andershqst. You could be a hacker, designer or simply someone with a good idea for Flatland.

Current Features
  • Flatland simulation
  • GP implementation
  • Use GP to evolve behavior of an Agent and use it with the simulation

Suggested short term goals (Dev.)
Open source community hacking - get some people involved
Tutorials, videos
Have solved one very complex problem using the GP
Meetup - hacking
Basic distributional version - something non developers can also play with.

Suggested long term goals (Consumers)
Flatland as a free wide market distribution.
Centralized gene-bank where people can exchange genes and genomes.
Interactive non-programmer genetic program creator. Create and train your own genes

All time goals
Have fun, hack, learn

02.11 Added first chunks of text to the documentation. Needs some review, but put it up get somthing rolling.

16.07 Added women and control panel to Flatland so there is now a live update on some basic data of the world and on the agents. Last things will be added shortly and will then have to do some other stuff before more work will be put in. Will make a tutorial as soon as possible though.

15.07 Updated page. Flatland is almost through its first development phase. I'm currently putting the last things on the simulation and will then provide some examples of how it can be used. Flatland is still a pretty empty place, but this be a work in progress.

04.06 Flatland is currently under development by the project's coordinator. The immediate focus is on making a generic genetic algorithm for the citizens of Flatland


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